Pulse.lk – A Dog lover’s dream come true!

Us dog lovers have the chance of getting a glimpse of heaven with the presence of Tayo Bear, a cafe for both humans AND dogs! Yes, you heard right, The country’s first dog cafe is open down Gregory’s Road and it is a must visit for both you and your dog.

Prior to becoming a fully fledged cafe, Tayo Bear was the brainchild of Shanaz Fouze who had to resort to making healthy, customized meals for her own dog. This grew to become a popular brand among canine parents as the meals and treats were all home-made and organic.


Now, the dog-oriented cafe serves up healthy treats for dogs as well as humans – from two different menus – and we were excited to try the new menu out!




Lychee Iced Tea – LKR 590

The lychee flavouring of the iced tea was refreshing and different from the usual flavours available elsewhere. The tea was brewed well and wasn’t too strong and the amount of sweetness was perfect without making the drink a sugar bomb.


Marshmallow Hot Chocolate – LKR 680

This had to be the cutest presentation ever! A mug of warm and satisfying hot chocolate topped with tiny marshmallows that makes for an Instagram-able and delicious treat that induces joy. The drink comes with a delightful dog bone shaped cookie that pairs well with it.





French Toast – LKR 870

This dish consisted of chunky slices of warm, eggy, soft toast coated with Nutella and topped with strawberries and a generous dollop of cream. The amount of Nutella spread on the toast was just enough to give it sweetness without making the dish too rich overall. The strawberries helped to balance the flavours out with their tanginess. However, if you’re an ardent Nutella fan, you might want more of the chocolate spread heaped onto the toast. For LKR 870, this is so worth the price!


Baked Chicken Pie – LKR 750

A pie of chicken, cabbage, broccoli, carrot and cheese filling topped with a thick mashed potato crust, this dish is great for a cold day as it is reminiscent of something you might eat when in Nuwara Eliya. The filling was well-seasoned and a tad bit on the spicy side but this was balanced with the buttery potato crust.


Prawn Toast – LKR 940

A huge slice of sourdough bread was the base for a flavourful prawn, onion, cheese and kochchi topping. The mix of prawn and vegetables was seemingly lightly stir-fried and heaped on to the slice of toast. There is no doubt as to why this is a hugely popular dish at Tayo Bear because it is just plain delicious. The prawn topping is seasoned well and texturally, the softness of the filling pairs perfectly with the crispness of the toast.




Although the space looks small, there is ample seating space along with a selection of floor cushions for when you would prefer to chill with your pooch. Tastefully colourful and simplistically decorated, Tayo Bear is a great place to hang out after work with friends – both regular and canine.

Pet owners who absolutely need to get work done but can’t bear to be apart from their dogs can bring them here making it a win-win for all. There is a gated outdoor area in which you can let your dogs run free while you work.

Decor-wise, the cutest aspect is the wallpaper of the washroom. The customized wallpaper features cartoon drawings of Tayo Bear mascots; Tayo, Mango, and Liza

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