God Mother or a God Daddy for your Doggy!!

Tayo girl is now six years old and its heart breaking. Because dogs live all their lives for us, to make our lives much better than it truly is and we spend very little time with them. Knowing that she’s sick is one of the biggest worries I have. We all know it’s never easy to lose a pet!!! I went through it once and it was devastating because you don’t know how to express yourself and it’s not something that heals overnight. If you are lucky and are surrounded by a whole bunch of people who loves doggies just as much as you do, it may get little bit easier to face the reality of not having your doggy by your side anymore. 

Tayo is one of the luckiest girls because she’s got a whole lot of people who love her and she’s got quite a few self-appointed God-moms. Even Lisa, Mango and Goat the cat, all of them have their own doggy god moms and god dads which is quite amazing and fancy. Having a God parent for your pets is quite a unique thing because not everyone thinks about what will happen to their pets in case if something happens to them, where they might have to leave or go away all of a sudden. We humans are all that our pets got and they depend on us as much as we depend on them, hence all pets with or without realising are part of  our lives and families. If we have to leave our pets behind in an unexpected way or in a situation that can’t be helped, things can be so confusing and heart breaking for them.

Whether you’re going on a trip, have an accident, or even pass away, you need to find someone who would take care of your pets just as you would, whether the pet is a dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit or even a chicken. Although it may sound strange, choosing a Godparent for your pet is a very noble thing to do and it is one of the best decisions you can make  as a pet owner because you’re thinking about their future and well-being just like how one would think of their own family member.

Having cats or doggie bears (the most common pets) is a complete responsibility and there are no shortcuts. It is almost similar to parenthood. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it involves the life of a sensitive member that needs care, affection, and good health.

Perhaps you’ve never asked yourself, “What would happen to my dog if I’m not around anymore?” The truth is that not many tends to think about it. However, it is something that one should consider thinking about, especially if you live alone.

We used a few fancy guideline to help us to choose Godparents for our four girls.

  • First off and foremost this person needs to love animals and all fancy little things. (This point is more than obvious) This means they’ll treat and offer your pet a similar lifestyle to the one they had prior to you.
  • Secondly, choose a God-dog-parent who has a fancy relationship with your girls. The God parent also needs to have a better understanding about your pets’ behaviour. This means knowing that they already get along well.
  • Finally, you need to talk with that fancy person you’ve chosen so they knows that they will be your pet’s Godparent and they should willingly accept it. Plus pointers: Pay attention to their initial reaction. They might find it funny or strange. However, knowing that they’ve been chosen, they’ll feel honoured, and won’t hesitate to agree to look after your pet for you.

Tadaaaaaa.. That’s how we picked God dog parents for our four girls. Knowing that your kids (pets) will be loved and looked after by someone when the time comes, is a whole new level of fancy feeling.

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