Vaccination Day at Tayo Bear Household

Vaccination Day at Tayo Bear Household


Making sure our doggy bears are healthy is super important at the Tayo Bear household. We have 9 dogs and a cat who thinks she's a part of the dog crew. Getting everyone ready for vaccination day is more than just a job – it's a fancy way of showing love.

Before vaccination day, we have a regular routine for grooming – washing and brushing the teeth of all our pets every week. This is not just about staying clean; it's to make sure they feel comfy, especially since it's best to keep them dry for at least three days after their vaccinations.

Before the actual vaccination, there are important things we do:

  • We prefer the vet, like Tayo's DoctorC, to come to our home. It's like a tradition, and their visit for vaccinations is not just a routine; it's a comforting presence for our little family.
  • We make sure to understand what each vaccine does, even though we trust our vet. Knowing the names and purposes of each shot is a responsibility as a dog parent, making sure every vaccine is fresh and sealed.

Keeping track of vaccination dates is not just a task; it helps us stay organised. It's not only about health; it also makes our pets' lives better.

On vaccination day:

  • We give our doggy bears a shower before their appointment.
  • We pack a healthy meal with immune-boosting stuff to stress how important a balanced diet is, especially after getting two major vaccines.
  • We create a calm atmosphere, making sure our doggies are well-rested.
  • We always have a treat ready for good behaviour. It's not just a habit; it's a small, joyful tradition that makes the whole process a celebration for our special doggy bears.

Our yearly vaccination routine includes two important vaccines:

  • DA2PPV: It builds immunity against some viruses like distemper, adenovirus 2 (hepatitis), parainfluenza virus, and parvovirus. This one is a modified live vaccine.
  • Rabies: This protects against the rabies virus.

Keeping digital copies of vaccination records on our phones is something we do, especially since we take our doggy bears on holidays with us. It helps us remember important details and ensures our beloved companions stay healthy wherever we go.

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