It's heart-breaking  to hear that Tayo is getting older , and it's natural to worry about her well-being. Losing a pet is a deeply difficult experience, as they bring so much joy and love into our lives. Grieving the loss of a pet takes time, and it's a process that cannot be rushed.

However, Tayo is fortunate to have a strong support system of people who love her, including her self-appointed "God-moms" and "God-dads." This is truly amazing and special. Having a Godparent for your pets is a unique concept, as it ensures that someone will care for them if something were to happen to you suddenly. 


Our pets depend on us, and they become an crucial  part of our lives and families. If we have to leave our pets unexpectedly or face a situation where we can no longer be with them, it can be confusing and heartbreaking for them.

Whether it's a planned trip, an unforeseen accident, or even the unfortunate event of passing away, it's important to have a plan in place for your pet's care.


Finding someone who will love and care for your pet just as you would is crucial, regardless of whether they are a dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit, or even a chicken. Choosing a Godparent for your pet is a noble decision because it demonstrates your commitment to their future and well-being, akin to considering the welfare of a family member.


Owning pets, such as cats or dogs, is a complete responsibility that requires our utmost dedication. There are no shortcuts when it comes to their care. It's a responsibility similar to parenthood, as it involves nurturing a sensitive being that needs love, affection, and good health.

Perhaps you've never asked yourself, "What would happen to my dog if I'm no longer around?" It's a question that often goes unconsidered. However, it's important to reflect on this, particularly if you live alone.



To select Godparents for our four girls, we followed a few guidelines. 


1.the chosen person must have a genuine love for animals and all things fancy. They should provide your pet with a similar lifestyle to the one they had with you. 

2. choose a God-dog-parent who already has a special relationship with your girls and understands their behaviour. This ensures that they will get along well.

3.have a conversation with the chosen person, informing them that they will be the Godparent of your pet, and ensure that they willingly accept this role. Pay attention to their initial reaction, as they may find it amusing or strange. 


However, once they realise they have been chosen, they will feel honoured and won't hesitate to agree to look after your pet.

By having Godparents for your pets, you can rest assured that your furry kids will be loved and cared for when the time comes. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that they will be looked after by someone who values and cherishes them.

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