The River Bend Hideout

The River Bend Hideout

The River Bend Hideout, another pet-friendly villa, became our annual staff trip destination. It was also a perfect place to celebrate our fancy manager bear's birthday. Our group consisted of seven, including four humans and three adorable doggy bears. We left Colombo around 8 am, but with our birthday girl manager bear as our navigator, we anticipated a slightly delayed arrival.


After a two-hour drive, thanks to a map detour, we finally made it! The girls were bursting with excitement, eager to run around. Mango wasted no time and sprinted towards the cows, only to run back in fear.


The property boasted six bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a two-story villa, and a stunning pool. It offered ample space for activities like cricket or hosting a mini Olympics. But the best part was the freedom it provided for the dogs to run endlessly. Though the property wasn't gated, our girls were well-behaved off-leash and promptly returned when called.


There were a few street dogs around, but they preferred to be left alone and not bothered. If you have a reactive dog, it might not be the ideal situation. However, if you inform the caretakers, they will move the dogs to their side of the property. But remember, it's not fair to disturb dogs who wish to be left alone, so only bring well-behaved doggy bears who listen to you.

As with all our trips, we packed 18 doggy yummy tummy packs, storing them in the freezer to microwave one pack at a time for feeding the girls. However, the caretaker was more than happy to prepare food for the dogs as well. Since we brought our own Tayo Bear yummy tummy, we informed them that we didn't need their service.


Like always, we carried extra sheets and doggy beds to ensure the girls had a comfortable place to sleep. Remember, the villa isn't exclusively for dogs, so be considerate and understand that if your dog dirties the property and you haven't taken precautions, it may discourage the owners from welcoming other pet families to enjoy this wonderful place.

Unfortunately, dogs weren't allowed in the pool unless we were willing to pay a hefty fee to have the water flushed and refilled. However, there was a hose and plenty of space to have fun with water and even let the doggies cool off in the gorgeous river nearby. Just remember to prioritize your dog's safety. Not all dogs are physically or mentally capable of swimming, so be cautious and vigilant to prevent any accidents.

We thoroughly enjoyed the property, relishing the vast space and undisturbed tranquility. The only downside was that after dark, it became quite dark outside. It would have been brilliant if the property had some outdoor lights to illuminate the surroundings. After dinner, we had to rely on our torches for nighttime walks with the girls to take care of their business. And don't worry, we didn't forget to bring enough poop bags to

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