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Christmas Hampaw

Christmas Hampaw

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Santa’s newly enlisted elves 👯Tayo, Lisa and Mango have come up with the most fabulous Christmas🎁 Hampaw for all the doggies on Santa's 🎉🎄🎅🏽
naughty and nice list.💕

After hours and days of brainstorming, our girls have come up with the fanciest Christmas Hampaw : 🎶

Christmas Mince Chicken Pie 🥧
Christmas Granola 🥣
Gingerbread Men 🍪
Snowballs 🍧
Chicken Pâté & Crackers
Candy Cane 🍭
Christmas Bandana
Crochet Toy

Make Christmas extra fancy for your fur babies with Tayo Bear Christmas HAMPAWS."
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