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Christmas Hampaw

Christmas Hampaw

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Please pick 5 items as the box and packing charges will be 1000

After hours and days of brainstorming, our elite team of Santa Paws have come up with the perfect seasonal items to choose from: 🎶

Pick 5 of the following items and mention on our Special Note which items you would like to add to your Hampaw🎁

Pick-up is available ONLY from the 16th to the 23rd of December 2023

🎄Candy cane made out of Chicken, sweet potato, carrot, flour, eggs

🎄Gingerbread men made out of Liver, peanut butter, cinnamon, pumpkin, flour, eggs

🎄Egg Nog Mix made out of banana, chicken, cinnamon powder, coconut milk, vanilla

🎄Christmas bandana please pick the size of the bandana from large or small.

🎄Shake-it  made of chicken, gotukola, pumpkin, coconut milk and cheddar cheese

🎄Christmas Granola made of oats, coconut flakes, roasted panko, grinded candy cane

🎄Reindeer Rancheros made out of chicken, pumpkin, and coconut milk

🎄Lavender Spray made of shea butter, lavender essence, canola oil and distilled water

🎄Christmas Soap made of rosemary, vanilla, cranberry and shea butter

🎄 Christmas toy  (please pick toy below)

🎄Christmas Bandana (please pick size below)

🎄Christmas Beanie (please pick size below)

Make Christmas extra fancy for your dog bears with Tayo Bear Christmas HAMPAWS."

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