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Liver and oats cookies

Liver and oats cookies

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Our all-natural Liver and Oat Dog Cookies! Made with love and carefully selected organic ingredients, these wholesome treats are designed to provide your doggy bear with a nourishing and tasty snack.

Our Liver and Oat Dog Cookies are crafted with high-quality ingredients that promote your dog's well-being. We start with organic liver, which is rich in essential nutrients like protein, iron, and vitamins.

To enhance the texture and taste, we blend in creamy coconut milk, which is not only tasty but also a great source of healthy fats for your pup. Coconut flour adds a grain-free alternative and provides dietary fibre, while oats offer additional fibre and a hearty crunch.We've included coconut oil in our recipe, known for its many health benefits. It supports healthy skin and coat, aids digestion, and provides a natural source of energy. Finally, eggs add moisture and act as a binding agent to hold all the ingredients together.

We prioritise your dog's health by using organic ingredients free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

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